Frequently Asked Questions

All of the offerings on the platform are debt. We believe this creates the simplest and most efficient way for investors to understand the returns associated with each deal.
When you invest in a PEINMONEY Loan Note offering, you are investing in a promissory note in which the investor(Lender) receives a stated interest rate for a stated term that payment of loan between Lender (Investors) and the Borrower (PEINMONEY). The Loan Note is a contract between the investor and PEINMONEY. Although the investor does not own any equity in the property and name is not on the property title, the Loan Note Certificate gives the investor an interest—shared with the other investors who have funded the project—in the underlying property. The interest in the property is the right to receive interest distributions as well as the return of principal.
We like to think we are decent, straightforward honest people, but you don’t know us. And even if you did, that’s no guarantee. People thought they could trust banks, MMM, Planwell and Moneytree and look what happened there! But the fact is, our offerings are realistic as in real estate. We honestly believe in our investment products and are transparent in all our dealings, we urge you to look into our offering, as we look forward to a repeat of business with you and as you continueto benefit from a partnership built on trust and strengthened byrelationship.
So whilst it would be nice, and we hope you do trust us, we invite you to visit building sites physically to see how your money is working. We are as real as real estate.
Good question. It’s happened to investors and savers before when companies have folded and investor’s money has disappeared. And no doubt it will happen again with some unscrupulous companies. The reason we will never do that is we can’t – even if we were so minded (which, for the record, we are not).

Our business models guarantees investors return and a very healthy returns for us. We are real estate developers and we don’t believe in fast money schemes
Since our loans Notes are for short-term real estate development projects, they generally carry higher interest rates than Savings or Fixed products offered by Banks. Because each loan is unique, the interest rate is determined based on many factors. Most loans tend to carry an interest rate of 15-35%.
Yes, it is entirely up to you.
Our service is not aimed at full time professional property investors. If you have the time, the knowledge, the expertise and the contacts, you may be able to find deals as good as the ones we offer, After all, it’s not rocket science.

Our investors are people who want a hands free investment, where they can relax, safe in the knowledge that trusted experts are looking after things for their mutual benefit. The benefits of our offers are that you get a very good return on your money and need do nothing at all.
You can request a site visitation, by filling the site visit form on your dashboard, on Saturday between the hours of 8am-9am or 12pm-1pm. You canview monthly updates, uploaded first Monday of every month- with information on all the projects as to their current status.
You are free to sell your loan Note to a third party at any time.
PEINMONEY is structured as a cash flow positive business with no overhead and no debt whatsoever, but catastrophes can of course happen. In any event we have structured things so that if that did happen, it will not affect your investment or the returns as you are not investing in PEINMONEY. Your investment is in a Real Estate Development Project that you borrowed money for its development.
Armageddon! …but, seriously, there could be some unforeseen circumstances in a very rare situation, which could lead to some delays that is structurally absorbed by our funds or some lenders reinvesting or we could sell your loan notes to new lenders. For example, the property sale could be delayed.

If that happened, it’s clearly unfortunate, but not a disaster as delay is no denial. We always do have other properties and funds to cover any delay in a sale or resell your loan note to new lender to extend repayment term. In any event, if that did happen, our formula ensures you are paid as agreed.
Yes. We can accept investment from most other countries
We take our investors' satisfaction very seriously. If for any reason you are unhappy about your experience with PEINMONEY we would like to know why to ensure it never happens again.

In this instance please send us an email to [email protected] clearly stating the following:
  1. Your name, contact details (including telephone number)
  2. A detailed explanation of the reason for your complaint
  3. An indication of how you would like your complaint resolved