Prudential Estate Investors Network LTD was registered on 8th day of July 2015 in Nigeria with RC 1272944.
Our Business is Property Development, we work with a team of highly skilled professionals and reputable contractors who ensure our development projects are finished to standard and at a fixed price.
"PEINMONEY" is a technology platform operated by us that gives investors opportunity to invest directly to our projects

Our Vision

Our vision is to be remembered as a company that introduced loan notes to the financing of property development in Nigeria.

Our Mision

Our mission is to become Nigeria's most trusted, most guaranteed and most profitable partnership.


We are building a property development investment community that EARNS 25%, without uneccessary risk.

We have been frustrated by Banks inefficiency at providing funding for Property Development, leading to loss of opportunities and slow growth.This is where PEINMONEY, Prudential Estates Investors Network Limited, found its inspiration and implementation. PEINMONEY was founded on the principle of creating needed liquidity through profitable partnerships, offering a simple investment model that allows the highest degree of aligned interests possible, as we enable investors to combine their money with ours in developing projects we currently own and acquire others for Developments. As a lender, you are our bank, and the first to be paid as soon as the developed houses are sold, or sale of houses in our 100% owned portfolio, on or before Loan Maturity date. Our Loan Note Offering excels at creating an environment to facilitate this type of wealth creation for our lenders to benefit.

Partner with us, building houses and GROW YOUR WEALTH BEYOND YOUR PREVIOUS LIMIT.
PEINMONEY LOAN NOTES out-performs Stocks, Bonds, Savings and Fixed Deposits.

Be part of a community of lenders earning 25% returns on property development investment.


This is where people like you come together to take control of their finances and make their money work for them, know where their money is working. PEINMONEY Loan Note investment makes investing as simple as simple as ABC.


We are focused on building deep, long-term, win-win relationship and less on being solely goals-oriented. At the centre of relationship thinking, our Lenders are the means and the end.


Our Dedicated Support team is fully manned during normal office hours of 8.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Available for Lenders to ensure their satisfaction with the PEINMONEY experience and their total understanding of every aspect of investing with us. We endeavour to respond to you as fast as possible, however, during the weekends and late nights/early hours of the morning there may be a delay. You can Send us an email or use the live chat to get in touch and we will respond as soon as we can.

We are

  • Property Developers

We are Not

  • Ponzi Schemers

What we do

  • Turning savers to investors